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  • GSXH 3m Wedding Polygonal Tent
    • Brief Introduction:

      GSXH 3m Wedding Polygonal Tent
      Aluminum Alloy & PVC Pagoda Structure tent
      Side length: 3m to 5m, side height 2.3m-2.5m.
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      • GSXH 3m Wedding Polygonal Tent
    Product Information

    Polygonal Pagoda Tent Specification

    Product description: GSXH 3m Wedding Polygonal Tent

    Material: Aluminum alloy-PVC

    Packing: bubble sheet

    Size: Side length: 3m to 5m, side height 2.3m-2.5m

    Hexagon pagoda tent:

    Model no Side Length Side Height Top Height
    GSXH-3 3m 2.5m 4.9m
    GSXH-4 4m 2.5m 5.8m
    GSXH-5 5m 2.5m 6.1m

    Octagon pagoda tent:

    Model no Side Length Side Height Top Height
    GSXO/pagoda-3 3m 2.5m 3.38m
    GSXO/pagoda-4 4m 2.5m 3.72m
    GSXO/pagoda-5 5m 2.5m 4.08m


    1.No pole inside,space can be 100% utilized.
    2.Permanent and semi-permanent 10 to 15 years usage
    3.Higher Wind Load & High Snow Load
    4.Waterproof,fire retardant,rust proof

     Frame Material:

    1)High-strength aluminium alloy with PADF coating.

    2)Conector is made of zinc powder-coated steel.

    3)The frame is strong,durable,light in weight,not easy to rust and distort.


     Cover Material:

    1)Double PVC-coated polyester textile.Any color is available.

    2)Waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, UV resistant.

    3)750g m2/850g/m2 PVC for roof cover,660g/m2 PVC for sidewall.

    4)The maximum allowed wind speed is 100km/h. 

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