The composition of the outdoor exhibition tents
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The use of tents is becoming more and more widespread, and there will be more types and uses. Whether it is large or small, it is used in outdoor exhibition tents. Do you know what is in the exhibition tent? Let's take a look below.

The main frame of the outdoor exhibition tents is composed of the main frame and the tarpaulin. The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy as the main material, and the processed hot-dip galvanized parts are made of materials at the link of the frame. The tarpaulin is generally made of double-layered, high-strength polyester yarn. This material has excellent waterproof and fireproof properties, and it is also easy to handle when there are stains on the surface.

outdoor exhibition tents

There are many types of outdoor exhibition tents, so the internal facilities of the tents are also different. The simplest structure is that the interior only contains frames and tarpaulins. The complex style and large area tents include facilities such as transparent PVC windows, top curtains and surrounding mantles, rainwater channels for draining rainwater, floors, and wall fixing plates.

The tents are well-built with plenty of internal space, and tents of different sizes will be planned according to different uses when they are used. When fixing the tent, it can be fixed according to the material of the ground, such as sand ground, tile floor and other places that cannot be destroyed or cannot be fixed, the heavy object fixing method can be used. The land that can bear the weight of the tent, such as mud, can be fixed with steel brazing. Another is to use screws to fix the tent. After disassembling the tent, it can be stacked in a small space.

From the above introduction, we can know that different outdoor exhibition tents will have different requirements for the use of tents. Therefore, when using the exhibition tents, related beautification can be carried out according to the products displayed to drive consumption. We operate many types of tents. If you have needs for different tents, you can consult or order through customer service. Looking forward to seeing you here.

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