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    Introduce reception tents for sale

    Have already visited: 67303/31/2020  

    With the gradual expansion of the scope of application of tents, the types of tents are also being updated. In the past, tents were only used in the short and medium term, and the area occupied was large and medium. Now reception tents for sale is transforming to small and medium-sized, and the bed and breakfast tent is one of them.

    B & B tents are not only focused on the aesthetics of the interior, but also on the aesthetics of the exterior. The tents used for homestays are different from the tents used for exhibitions, and there are more types of construction materials used. The use of the tarpaulin is sometimes only at the top, and the rest is replaced by other materials.

    The safety factor of the tent cannot be lowered during use. The exterior must be able to maintain heat and sun resistance, wind resistance, insect resistance, and corrosion resistance. It must also have the ability to block ultraviolet rays, and its structure must be stable.

    reception tents for sale

    The appearance of this kind of tent is like a small gazebo, some is a sphere, and some is a standard house shape. The various tents are also different in the degree of transparency, some are fully transparent on all sides, some are three-sided, and some are single-sided. Living in a transparent tent can be viewed indoors and outdoors. Installing windows on this tent is both beautiful and practical. The tent with full transparency on all sides has shading curtains inside, and the top is made of tarpaulin.

    Inside the tent, all domestic facilities are readily available, and some types of tents will expand outwards as a seating area. The construction cost of this kind of tent is relatively low, the environment is very beautiful, and it can also promote the development of tourism. Friends who want to order or consult related information can communicate through the customer service hotline and look forward to your visit.