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    Structural features of outdoor basketball court with roof

    Have already visited: 76103/23/2020  

    Tents are currently used to hold events in relatively open places. The main reason why he is so widely used is that it is very convenient to use, with many styles and different specifications, and can be fully selected. And now his scope of application has gradually expanded, and the structure of outdoor basketball court with roof will be different. Let's take a look.

    outdoor basketball court with roof (1).jpg

    As a basketball hall, first of all, there needs to be a large enough sports space. It should include a standard basketball court, auditorium, waiting area, changing room, toilet and other places. Secondly, the lighting system must be perfect and can provide uninterrupted power supply for a long time to ensure that it can be held normally when there is a game.

    In the auditorium, seats should be placed or there should be enough space for benches or chairs, although it may only be used as a venue for a single match, or as a temporary venue, there must be a place for the audience to sit. In the control of power supply facilities, there must be multiple controllers to control, to prevent damage to the entire power supply system due to controller damage.

    The most stringent requirement for the stadium is the ground. Although different basketball hall tents do not have high requirements for the ground, but as sports venues and projects with a large amount of activity, the ground for the stadium is required. Although it is not required to make the floor non-slip like a regular place, it is also required to flatten the floor to prevent accidents during the activity.

    As can be seen from the above, the outdoor basketball court with roof is clearly distinguished from other types of tents in terms of function, and it is more functional. Users who need this tent are welcome to contact us, we have a variety of tent styles for you to choose, and look forward to your visit.