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Sports Tent

Tent Specification

Product description: Sports Tent

Material: Aluminum alloy-PVC

Packing: bubble sheet

Size: from 9㎡ to 30000 tent solution

Tent Style: A shape clear span tent, arcum tent, polygonal roof clearspan tent, peach roof clearspan tent

Certificate: CE, ISO9001, DIN 4102 B1

Create an extraordinary sporting event experience with Lingtong Tent's customizable fabric structures. We specialize in providing you with the perfect space for your event, and our structures are equipped with all the necessary accessories to impress both participants and spectators alike. Whether you're hosting a small-scale tournament or a large-scale sporting extravaganza, our semi-permanent sports structures are designed to meet your unique needs.

Basketball Courts Cover

 Basketball Courts Cover

Tennis Courts Cover

Basketball Courts Cover

Semi-permanent Sports Structures

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Floors, walls and ceilings are customizable.

Easy and quick assembly.

Reliable performance in severe weather conditions.

Clearspan Recreation Tent Application

– Sporting Events

– Pool Covering

– Recreational Events

– Festival Celebration

– Basketball Tournament

– Tennis Match

Clear Span Tent Components
Frame Structure
Material:hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy
Frame is strong, durable, light in weight, not easy to rust and distort.
Life span: 10–15 years if well maintained
Fabric Cover
High quality double PVC-coated polyester textile, 100% waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability
Life span: 5–8 years if well maintained
750g ㎡/ 850g/㎡ PVC for roof cover, 650g/㎡ PVC for sidewall.
Made of zinc powder-coated steel.

Certificates for insurance
Lingtong Tent has obtained multiple patents. And obtained multiple certifications such as CE, B1, TUV, IFAI, ISO9001, fire protection certification DIN4102, B1/M2, and NFPA701. Fire and wind protection, effectively protecting your property.

Tent packing in LCL
Tent packing in LCL (less than a container):
Tent packed in wooden box, framed with square steel.
Tent packing in FCL
Tent packing in FCL (full container load):
Tent frame wrapped in plastic bubble sheet; Tent roof covers and fabric sidewalls packed in carry bag; Tent accessories small pieces.
Glass Packing
Glass doors / glass walls: 
Pack in steel pallet

How to inquire?

Our factory accepts custom makes marquee tent, for quotation, please offer either info below: -What is the marquee width and length? -How large area the marquee is covering? -how many people will be seating?

Consulting with our professional sales team:
Starts from 1993, specialized in design and manufacture of aluminium alloy structure tent. Our tent apply for outdoor restaurant & dining for Covid19 time, sanitation, warehouse, sports court & field, insulation, refugee, field hospital, military, events, party, exhibition, EXPO, wedding, promotion, celebration, marketing, car show, trade show, tour show, reception, beer festival, food festival, commercial events, storage, parking, carport, aircraft hangar, hotel, church, ramandan, UN relief.

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