Tips about event tent rental
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Tips about tent rental Some questions about event tentrental:

1.The rental of the tent building site is there any requirements?

Awning room is not high to the requirement that builds a place, wait like cement ground, beach, lawn commonly, all can build nimbly. However, for safety reasons, the site with obstacles such as trees and wires above the site, or obstacles such as pipelines and cables below the site, as well as rugged ground, is not recommended as a construction site.

2. Can the interior of the rental tent be decorated at will?

To satisfy the demand of different customer individuation, on the foundation that makes sure awning room safety, do not damage awning room frame, awning room interior adornment can decorate according to demand individuation. Also provide a variety of optional accessories rental, including curtain, top curtain, lighting, air conditioning, carpet, floor, stage, and other supporting systems, one-stop rental service for you to save worry and effort.

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3. Does the tent rental need to be rented in advance? How long to advance?

According to the size of the lease and demand, as well as site restrictions, the tent needs to lease in advance for a different time, different general advice about 4 to 6 weeks in advance to the wedding marquee tentcompany for consulting confirmation, so that can carry on the evaluation to the site and confirmed according to the site and use demand tent rental for optimization scheme, for both sides to set aside enough time to prepare, ensure the normal use or be able to.

4. What details need to be confirmed before the tent building?

Tent rental is more temporary use, it is necessary to establish some details of the site is confirmed in advance, such as: whether the ground can be destroyed, the fire protection system is equipped, the construction of the tent has special use requirements and so on, these details are related to the safety of the tent, very important.

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