A stunning outdoor wedding tent
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With the continuous development of The Times, more and more people are willing to accept novel things. In the case of weddings, more people are turning to the outdoors. The emergence of the wedding marquee tent not only allows you to change the usual mode of the wedding but also to impress guests. Yes, a wedding in a wedding marquee tent would be amazing.

medium-sized wedding marquee tent

Wedding marquee tent adopts large net span structure, span 3-60 meters, general users will choose about 20 meters span of medium-sized wedding marquee tent, very suitable for some small and medium-sized wedding. Tent manufacturers can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers, you can choose some supporting facilities, such as floors, drapes, air conditioning, tables, and chairs to decorating the interior, so that the theme and style of the wedding are unified, to leave unforgettable memories.

Our company's wedding marquee tentuses high-quality aluminum alloy as the frame, wind resistance grade up to 8-10, safe and stable. Tarpaulin waterproof, flame retardant double-sided coating PVC cloth, if you have special requirements can also be provided according to the customer's snow load requirements to develop exclusive programs, so to ensure that in some special weather conditions can also be successfully held a wedding.

However, the range of customization goes far beyond that, with different choices of looks and accessories. You can choose its appearance modeling, such as herringbone, spire, arc, and so on as well as tarmac color, printed slogan, theme and so on, technical research and development team can according to your requirements, after scientific calculation, design a set of the feasible scheme. Everything comes together to make your wedding unique and high-end. If you also need such a tent, welcome to inquire.

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