tent wedding - wedding marquee tent can give you new wedding ideas
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QianZhongshu said: marriage is a besieged city, those outside want to get in, and those inside want to get out. Wedding is your ultimate baptism in the city, everyone hopes that they have a lifelong unforgettable wedding, especially the pursuit of personality, novel, but now most of the wedding is the same, relatives and friends gathered in the hotel after a feast quietly dispersed, is it a little less "ceremony sense"?

wedding tent building

So today is to introduce you to a different wedding, wedding with wedding marqueetentto decorate a design for your wedding, the applicable scope is wide, flexibility is strong, you can choose the sea can choose grass, convenient set up, then everyone will concern is that the price will be very expensive, actually tent price no unified standard for wedding, Need new appointer to choose according to his demand, of course site is bigger price is higher.

If you want to try the tent house wedding couple, it is recommended to determine the wedding theme to determine the style, in advance contact good wedding marqueetent building; The element of nature on the ornament inside tent room can be built when building, flowers and plants and vines are right ornament, plus candlelight and flash balloon, believe that without a girl can refuse such romance.

Want to know more about the building and price of the wedding marqueetent, you can consult the smart tent room, according to the number of guests, theme and your needs to choose the decoration with more accessories, welcome to inquire: 18932398128.

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