China's Marquee Tent factory for Events Services since 1993
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China's Marquee Tent factory for Events Services since 1993

Marquee tent are the perfect solution for events where presentation is critical. Being both grand and inherently beautiful, Marquee tent lend themselves well to weddings, brand marketing events, festivals and concerts, exhibits and conventions, and sporting events.

marquee tent wedding for sale

Whether you need to create a standout space for a specific venue, a focal point within a larger festival, or if you simply want to add to your current inventory for hire, you can order marquee tent from Lingtong Tent, China.

What Makes Marquee tent Unique in the Commercial Tent Industry?

Marquee tent, also commonly referred to frame tents, clearspan tent, pagoda tent, are often suitable solution for hiring companies and events organizers that want something that creates a strong visual impact and an unmistakable sense of high-end elegance.

Modern Innovations Make Marquee tent for Sale More Convenient Than Ever

Traditional Marquee tent used canvas as the primary material. Canvas offers excellent airflow but is severely lacking in terms of durability and weatherproofing. Our modern marquee tent import Germany technology. This provides a comfortable interior that is completely waterproof, windproof and snowproof.

Get Marquee Tent Price Quotes for Events of All Sizes

As a leading marquee tent manufacturer, we can produce tents in all shapes and sizes, suitable for any event.

Consider the needs of your clients to determine whether marquee style tents would be perfect for your inventory.

Large Marquee tent provide protection from both sun and rain. Block out PVC fabric provides complete UV protection.

Office parties are served well by large marquee style tents that can provide adequate space for seating, dining, entertainment, and catering.

Sports events at all levels often make use of marquee hire. Position yourself in your local market by offering Lingtong tent Marquee tent as rentals.

marquee tent wedding

Exhibitors at trade shows and expos are regular customers for marquee tent hire. You can offer the best tents by ordering a comprehensive range of solutions for your inventory.

Are Marquee tent for Sale Suitable for Long-Term Installation?

Lingtong tent Marquee tent are made to the highest industry standards by craftsmen who have decades of experience in tent manufacturing. Sturdy and stable, marquees can be erected without the need for specialist engineers. In most cases, small and mid-sized tents can be assembled by your customers without the need for specialist equipment.

below 3D animation will show you how to install a tent

For temporary installation at events like weddings, trade shows, parties, and sports events, a marquee would be perfect. For long-term installation, a more permanent structure would be necessary.

Contact us today for options and the latest marquee tent prices.

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Starts from 1993, specialized in design and manufacture of aluminium alloy structure tent. Our tent apply for outdoor restaurant & dining for Covid19 time, sanitation, warehouse, sports court & field, insulation, refugee, field hospital, military, events, party, exhibition, EXPO, wedding, promotion, celebration, marketing, car show, trade show, tour show, reception, beer festival, food festival, commercial events, storage, parking, carport, aircraft hangar, hotel, church, ramandan, UN relief.

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