What is polygonal tent?
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The polygonal tent is combined by several split aluminum alloy beams and in a polygon shape, so it is named Polygon Roof Tent.

Our structures with polygonal roofs invoke sensation thanks to their unique design and exceptional inner dimensions. Spanning up to 50 m, an inner height of 14 m can be achieved. Our polygonal halls will offer you stunning venues, assuring a successful event.

polygonal tent,marquee tent manufacturer

This particular roof shape is proven especially popular for concerts, as the acoustics are unrivalled. Suitable for large surface exhibitions and showrooms, for permanent and semi-permanent application: our polygonal structures boast exceptional space and volume, offering the event industry a whole new perspective.


-Flexible detaching and relocation

-Easy to assemble and disassemble, short construction period for putting into use

-Repeatedly built and used

-Low construction cost with no foundation treatment needed

-Equipped solution with security system, power supply, heating system, ventilation and other ancillary equipment.

-Convenient transportation and storage

Polygon Roof Tent provides the elegant and luxurious looking tent design and it is widely used for wedding tents, big parties, corporate or social events, concert halls.

polygonal tent,marquee tent manufacturer

Also, the polygonal roof design makes the tent much durable for wind, its top is more capacious and higher for sports like tennis court or basket ball, and warehouse for storage. It is an ideal choice to Sports Halls tent and warehouse tent.

The advantage of the polygon roof tent is that no matter what you need a large site, it can be satisfied. Lin tong Tent is a marquee tent manufacturer of our tents in-house, we are able to create unique shapes for tent structures. Some of our clients are looking for completely customized tents, and we are one of the few companies in the nation that is capable of manufacturing these custom projects. We don't only manufacture conventional tent styles, we also create unique custom shapes upon request.

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