Marquee Tent Factory teaches you how to pitch a tent
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Nowadays, tents are used more and more in activities. Many enterprises choose to purchase and rent tents for temporary use. However, the construction of large-scale tents has stumped many enterprises. As a marquee tent factory, here for everyone to share the tent building tutorial and points to note!

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How to build a tent:

Step 1: Set out and fix the base

According to the use of the tent specifications, the size of the overall tent building layout. First, all the base chassis must be in a horizontal line in the construction site for lofting. Confirm all the base positions, and confirm the base fixing after! (Note: The site shall not have any buildings or vegetation obstructing the site)

Step 2: lay out the materials

According to the installation instructions provided by the marquee tent factory, the component materials will be placed in the corresponding assembly according to the connection relationship and build the position of each component.

Step 3: compose the framework

1. Roof connection angle and skew beam installation: insert the roof connection angle into the left and suitable skew beams, and then fasten it with bolts

2, load-bearing column and inclined beam installation: the load-bearing column and prone beam assembly alignment hole position, fasten with bolts

3. Load-bearing column and base installation: align the pinhole of the load-bearing column and insert it into the cylinder pin, then lock it with an opening, and so on

Step 4: erect the frame

Install the two lifting belts on the slanting beam respectively and erect the first set of frames by using the traction device (e. g. Crane) through the correct and safe link between the traction contraction and the slanting beam. The other side must have the reverse pulling rope to prevent excessive traction, and anti-dumping. Note: when erecting the first set of frames, they must be held in place with cross braces

Step 5: install eaves, Roof Square pipe

Hook one end of the eaves square pipe with a bending hook first into the corresponding U-shaped buckle of the erected frame, then use the fork to lift the other end into the corresponding U-shaped buckle (note: both sides should be corresponding), then use the same method to hang all the eaves, Roof Square pipe.

Step 6: install gable columns, side columns

Align the inside of the gable center column with a right angle upward with the cylindrical hole at the connection angle of the roof ridge, and connect it with bolts. One end of the bottom should be connected to the base, which should be locked with a cylindrical pin, and the side column should be installed in the same way. After installation, adjust the center and side columns according to the flatness of the construction site and fix the base when the parallel stable state is maintained!

Finally, as long as the tarp is installed, the tension rod into the side wall or gable tarp under the side groove, both sides are fixed on the base, and a comprehensive inspection, you can complete the construction of the tent!

Building a tent is not an easy task, but it should be done by a professional. Jiangsu Lingtong Exhibition Tent Co., Ltd. is a marquee tent factoryand we can provide you with professional services! You can contact us directly if you need anything.

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