Application of retractable tunnels in epidemic prevention
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With the development of society, retractable tunnels are beginning to enter the public eye. It is a simple tent combined with aluminium alloy as the frame and double-layer PVC-coated woven fabric as the cover. It is movable, retractable, waterproof, flame-retardant and rust-proof. In today's world, the new coronavirus is spreading globally, so epidemic prevention has become a top priority, and retractable tunnels play an important role in this field.

retractable tunnels

1. Nucleic acid detection. To prevent the spread of the epidemic, nucleic acid testing has become an important step in detecting and preventing the epidemic. However, the number of people participating in nucleic acid testing is too large, and confusion and crowding can easily occur. Retractable tunnels make it easy to control the number of people in the tunnel because the length and width can be customized.

2. Pre-vaccine temperature measurement. Vaccines are also an important measure to prevent outbreaks. Most vaccines are administered in hospitals, and due to the inherent peculiarities of hospitals, a line is required for temperature testing before going in. With the development of technology in our society, today's temperature testing instruments have started to use infrared light so that people can detect their body temperature by simply staying in front of the instrument for a while or walking slowly by. Retractable tunnels can control the number of people in the tunnel and, at the same time, guide people well past the instrument.

3. Inspection in public places. With the spread of the epidemic, public places (such as shopping malls, schools, etc.) have become the easiest places to detect and spread the virus. With the epidemic under control, many public places still need to inspect people entering and leaving just in case. Those in charge of public places generally set up retractable tunnels at entrances and exits to facilitate inspection.

4. Also, due to the increasing global warming and the need for people to line up for checkups and vaccinations during the epidemic, they will be prone to dry sweating and even heat stroke. Retractable tunnels can help people in the queue by providing a place to shade from the sun.

These are the applications of retractable tunnels in preventing epidemics. Thank you for reading!

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