Wedding marquee tent rent should consider
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Now the new people hold wedding more and more like to use the tent room because the tent room is widely used, convenient and flexible to build up, so the new people's favor. So, the following small series for everyone to share Wedding marquent renthow much money, as well as rental tent room what to note?

Wedding marquee tent

Wedding marquee tent rent how much money and there is no unified price. Because each Wedding on the needs of the tent room, the price will be different, Wedding marquee tent rental price factors: the specifications of the tent room, tent room materials, supporting services. Still have tent room new old degree also is the factor that decides tent room price, the level of service of different tent room company, quality is different also. Therefore, when renting a tent room, do not only consider the price, should carry on the Omni-directional comprehensive consideration. Conventional aluminum alloy tent rental price of 45-65 yuan per square, if the special needs of the tent, the rental price may be up to 85 yuan per square. This is only the approximate price, specific also according to your need for the tent, rental time, and the number of pricing, if the rental tent time is long, a large area can also enjoy a more favorable rental price.

The above is about Wedding marquee tent rent how much money, the price is only for reference, the specific rental price with you prevail, then we learn the next tent rented what matters?

1. To sign a legally binding contract with the tent company, in the contract indicates the old and new degree of tarpaulin, at the same time requires the completion of the tent and demolition of the time.

2. The larger the area of the tent room rental, the price will be relatively cheaper, more than 30,000 square meters of the area will have arrangements for the relevant personnel on duty, to deal with some temporary problems during the process of the tent room.

3. Require the tent company to provide an exhibition engineering enterprise-level construction qualification certificate to ensure the safety of the tent in the construction process.

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