Event tent stadium low requirements to build environmental protection venues for the use of the masses
 Oct 27, 2021|View:46

Now people are very like basketball fitness, began to pursue green life, but the shortage of traditional field traditional gymnasium is difficult to build, high cost, long cycle, and so on, the emergence of the event tent stadium for timely solve the problem of space, let space to use convenient, flexible space diversity, the following will introduce the advantage of the space for you:

emergence of the event tent stadium

The event tent stadium can provide a span of 3-80 meters. The interior configuration design is complete and suitable for the match venue, but also can be built for entertainment use. The modular construction is fast and flexible, and the internal aluminum alloy structure has a guarantee of safety.

The construction of the event tent stadium is made of PVC tarpaulin as the wall, waterproof mold proof flame retardant can be used in any of the bad weather, if you need heat preservation sound insulation materials can choose to use rock wool sandwich panel wall, material surface completely flat at the same time, the advertising has a very good display effect, if want to high-end beauty can also use glass wall, Light transmittance, high strength, block ultraviolet ray, meet the needs of sports, such materials, in the community both beautiful and will not affect the rest of others.

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