How do you set up a marquee tent?
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We are now traveling more and more like outdoor tents, so you can breathe the fresh air, enjoy the night sky and beautiful scenery. So how do we make our marquee tents stronger when we are setting them up? First we have to consider the wind direction and terrain, and then choose a flat place to start the tent. The steps are as follows:

marquee tents

1. Lay a floor cloth, mainly for cleaning, after the camping just need to clean the floor cloth, do not need to clean tents, tents are not recommended to clean. Of course, you do not have to cover the floor. It depends on your preference.

2. Spread the tent out on the ground, face the bottom down, and smooth out the creases.

3. Take out the trestles. The marquee tent is held up by the cross trestles. The bracket can be folded up when not in use for easy storage. Connect it when you use it.

4. The marquee tent has a cross position opening for the bracket, from which the bracket is inserted and then the bracket is clamped to the first hole of the tape at the four corners of the tent. Once you get all four legs together, the tent is almost ready.

5. Secure another hole in the square strap to the floor with a stud.

6. The cross at the top of the marquee tent needs to be secured with rope. Especially in stormy weather, it is not easy to be blown or blow down the marquee tent .

If the wind is strong, remember to use a windbreak rope, to avoid the wind will blow away tents. In addition, in order to reduce the impact of wind, rain and exposure, cold, will be added to the roof cover.Here are some tips to help you on your journey, and have a great one. At the same time, the quality of our marquee tents is also very good, you can compare, there is a need to contact us at any time.

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