The knowledge of marriage tents arrangement allows you to have a perfect wedding
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Marriage is a major event in a person's life, so it is necessary to be very serious and rigorous when holding a wedding, but nowadays, many new people like to hold a wedding outdoors. If a wedding is held outdoors, outdoor marriage tents are definitely indispensable.

marriage tent

1.Determine the size and type of tent

First, determine the size and type of marriage tents based on the number of wedding banquets you invite. The most common outdoor wedding tents are marriage tents, event tents, and party tents. These have many layout options. Using marriage tents is more festive and fashionable. The atmosphere will be more relaxed if you use the activity tent, and the party tent will be more intimate.

2.It is recommended to choose transparent tarpaulin

The roof of the tent can choose transparent and opaque tarpaulin. In order to get closer to our nature, it is more appropriate to choose transparent tarpaulin.

3.Determine the theme and color of the wedding banquet

Choose the color to decorate with the theme of the wedding and the dress of the attending guests. Use purple, silver, pink or an elegant and simple brown and white color scheme to decorate your marriage tents. The proper use of colors will make our wedding success even higher!

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