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Outdoor Marquee Tent For Any Outdoor Event

Marquee tents are a great solution for outdoor parties, functions, and events. In fact, these sturdy, durable tents are aesthetically-pleasing and great for inclement weather. Whether for outdoor weddings, receptions, brand marketing events or team-building functions, Lingtong tent is your source for affordable and lasting marquees and tent covers. From festivals and concerts to exhibits, conventions and sporting events – you can find the right outdoor marquee at our extensive online gallery.

Marquee Tents design and production since year 1993

Outdoor Marquee Tent

Lingtong tent continues to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews. We are earliest aluminium alloy marquee tent factory in china, for all outdoor socials and gatherings. This includes large festivals, along with meetings, tea parties, or simply just lounging around with friends and loved ones. Here are some of the essentials of marquee tents for home and business owners:

Marquee tents are perfect for event organizers that want to create visual impact for outdoor/indoor functions. Our tents and marquee covers seamlessly blend in with any style, design or décor. Similarly, they are easy to install, maintain and put away when not in use (highly mobile).

Outdoor Marquee Tent for sale

Marquees have been a permanent staple of gala parties, promotional events, sports functions, and lavish weddings – elegant receptions.

Modern tents and marquees are made from sturdier materials that last for years to come. and far more durable than steel pipe tent.

As a DIY solution, our tents are modular, can extend or deduct the module length, to install suitable size for your events, set frame tents as desired. This allows you to cover the areas needed – or simply move the tents over to where you need them the most.

Your Premier Marquee Tent Suppliers

As your premier marquee tent suppliers, we feature products that are completely water and wind-proof. This includes marquee tent covers made from 650gsm to 950gsm double layer PVC coated woven fabric. Our tents offer great fire retardant and wind-resistant properties. However, the traditional canvas may be strong and durable, but lack in weather-proofing. This is why we have advanced our product lines to ensure they handle all types of weather – for any outdoor occasion or festival.

Marquee Tent Manufacturer

As your leading marquee tent manufacturer, we produce tents and covers of all sizes and shapes. We offer customized options for our new and existing customers. As a cost-effective alternative to frame tents, marquee tents are available in various designs, styles, and colors as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the right marquee for your clients or yourself:

Large marquee tents offer protection from harmful UV sun rays and rain. In fact, sun blockout pvc fabric offers optimal protection that keeps your guests happy.

Marquee tents provide ample space for seating, dining, catering and live entertainment – perfect for outdoor office parties, socials, family reunions and more.

Smaller marquee tents are good for DIY installs

Smaller marquee tents are good for DIY installs – whether for birthday parties, family events, bar mitzvahs and other family – private functions. We offer smaller marquee-for-hire and rent at your service.

Marquee Tents for All Occasions

In European countries and United States, indoor dining is limited because of COVID-19. Lingtong Tent provide transparent marquee tent for outdoor dining, for social distancing.

We shipped a lot of transparent tent to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.

Why host your events indoors if you are limited with space?

With just one phone call, e-mail or visit to our marquee tents page – you are sure to find the right marquee cover for all your outdoor functions. We are always here to help you with product questions and concerns, along with installations guide and everything you need to make your event memorable, comfortable and fun.

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For more information on marquee tents, simply contact us today or visit our website

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