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Custom Restaurant Tent Creates Romantic Outdoor Seating Area

Restaurant Tent

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Earlier this year, we showed you how restaurants, bars around the world are able to maximize their revenue with the addition of clearspan tent and pagoda tent. The expansion of outdoor spaces that these venues weren’t able to use during certain times of the year is now contributing to their bottom line, thanks to a revolutionary product that was pioneered by Lingtong Tents.

Upon a site inspection, it was immediately apparent that a custom-designed clearspan tent is exactly what the space needed. The shaded area would now be able to accommodate many more tables, almost doubling the restaurant’s capacity, and make the venue an appealing choice for event organisers looking to book big functions.

Our most recent commission in this space is from restaurant in Qatar; Owner and his team have established a successful restaurant that prides itself on careful attention to every detail. The only aspect that needed some attention was the outside seating area, which is where Lingtong Tent was able to assist.

Why restaurants love transparent tents

Low maintenance: Lingtong Tents stretch tent fabric is coated and treated with dirt repellants to ensure it remains clean and stain-free. Any spot simply needs to be wiped away with a damp cloth.

100% waterproof: Our double layer PVC coated low wick woven fabric is specially-designed to remain waterproof while installed, with the addition of PVC coating to guarantee water resistance. Not to mention powerful drip-free seams.

Return on investment: Lingtong Tents are made using only the best materials, sourced from reliable suppliers. And the parts we can’t source that meet our exacting standards – we make in-house – like our high freequancy weidling machines.

Set the mood: A warm and romantic ambience is very important for restaurants, something that’s easily created with a frame tent, lets see how it looks in a transparent tent in 3D video:

Restaurant Tent

For more information on how an Lingtong Tent can add enormous value to your venue, get in touch with our experts via the button below.

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