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The Lingtong Tent TFS of tent structures are the affordable solution to your large tent needs. Available with white, clear or window walls
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Marquee Tent Factory teaches you how to pitch a tent
Nowadays, tents are used more and more in activities. Many enterprises choose to purchase and rent tents for temporary use. However, the construction of large-scale tents has stumped many enterprises. As a marquee tent factory, here for everyone to share the tent building tutorial and points to note!
Church tent for sale | Advantages of purchasing church tent
We have the Church Tent for sale, if you want to provide a comfortable environment for worship, our church tent is perfect for your needs. It can protect your congregation from bad weather.
Application of retractable tunnels in epidemic prevention
With the development of society, retractable tunnels are beginning to enter the public eye. It is a simple tent combined with aluminium alloy as the frame and double-layer PVC-coated woven fabric as the cover. It is movable, retractable, waterproof, flame-retardant and rust-proof. In today's world, the new coronavirus is spreading globally, so epidemic prevention has become a top priority, and retractable tunnels play an important role in this field.
There are three components that determine the quality of large industrial tents.
As the application rate of large industrial tents is higher, the manufacture of the industrial tent is also rising, which gives industrial tent users many choices.
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Tent Manufacturing Service Provider
It is specialized in design and manufacture of aluminium alloy structure tent.
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Starts from 1993, specialized in design and manufacture of aluminium alloy structure tent. Our tent apply for outdoor restaurant & dining for Covid19 time, sanitation, warehouse, sports court & field, insulation, refugee, field hospital, military, events, party, exhibition, EXPO, wedding, promotion, celebration, marketing, car show, trade show, tour show, reception, beer festival, food festival, commercial events, storage, parking, carport, aircraft hangar, hotel, church, ramandan, UN relief.

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