Advantages of Clear span Tent in preventing dust pollution
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"environmental protection" as one of the enduring topics, has been a matter of great importance to all countries. With the rapid development of domestic industry and manufacturing, the problem of environmental pollution is increasing day by day, especially the dust pollution in the process of industrial manufacture. In order to reduce the harm caused by dust pollution, according to the relevant regulations, production units must take effective measures, then how to quickly solve the dust problem? Clear Span Tent was born.

Clear span Tent

The dust in industrial production comes in handfuls from the crushing, sieving, conveying, blasting and other steps in the processing process, and may also come from combustion or chemical reaction, to prevent the dust from damaging the machine, spreading into the air, polluting the environment, and endangering the health of employees, we can use a high strength PVC tarpaulin to build a Clear span Tent. Clear span Tent is corrosion-resistant and airtight and can be flame-retardant. By using a skylight and filter screen, dust can be isolated as far as possible and prevented from spreading out. And Clear span Tent is easy to set up, has a simple approval process, can be put into use quickly, can be added or reduced according to the use of the area of the Tent, when not needed can also be removed, all materials are reusable and very environmentally friendly.

Of course, we also need to pay attention to Clear span Tent when we build and use it. If you'd like to learn more about Clear span Tent, please contact us.

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