How to distinguish the quality of the event tent?
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General tent room is by the material of frame and alloy steel structure, have tarpaulin or it is the building that the new material group such as membrane structure syntheses, because this tent room quality is important the quality that sees each material. As our outdoor tent is more and more accepted by us, so many enterprises will use celebration tent to hold some large events. But there are a lot of people around the large event tent is not very understanding, so how to distinguish the quality of the tent?

The structural framework of the tent is generally made of aluminum alloy materials, which has better durability and does not rust. But when we choose tent room is generally can judge the quality of aluminum alloy materials. Inferior steel and aluminum materials will reduce our cost, which has a certain impact on the quality of the tent. Alloy tent is generally used alloy material hardness can be 15HW, generally can withstand 8-10 wind.

 large event tent

The quality can also be judged by the tarpaulin. Generally the density is higher, the strength is also higher, this time the quality is better. The general quality of good tarpaulin is relatively high sunshade cold water performance, and relatively strong tensile strength, so the use of tent security is relatively high.

General high quality tent on the framework and tarpaulin are relatively high requirements, so that you can determine the safety and stability of tent. Therefore, large-scale event tent is needed by the tent frame material alloy quality, tarpaulin quality and other factors together.

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