How to deal with the sewing glue of the warehouse tent?
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When warehouse tent need stitches waterproof, first need to determine whether awning room needs to be done waterproof, because not every stitch is needed stitches rubber processing, is often exposed to the rain, the awning room puddle on the stitching glue are needed stitches, so ponchos, cloth stitching is must do the waterproof, as for the account of the lining, because does not directly exposed to the rain, Don't bother! Then we decide on which side of the awning to do the sealant, usually on the inside of the ponchos and the floor cloth, exactly on the other side of the awning, that is, the side that has not done the waterproof film treatment can be used.

drop some water on waterproof marquee

The easiest way to do this is to drop some water on waterproof marquee. If it still looks like a drop of water, it's covered with a waterproof film. If the water gets dizzy, that side is your target. Next the stitches glue to the awning room is about to begin, prepare a clean and dry toothbrush, remove the old brush, then stitches glue daub on the suture, after suture glue dry, add fabric tension suture spread glue can penetrate to the joints and after waiting for another hour, such as suture after the glue is completely dry is complete!

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