Ramadan Tent Project - Bringing Communities Together
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Ramadan Tent

A Ramadan tent is a venue erected during the month of Ramadan for people to eat the daily Iftar meal. They are common across the Middle East and can be found anywhere there are communities of Muslims. Ramadan tents provide a place for people to meet with friends and family after the daily fast is broken at sunset. People gather there to eat Iftar, drink tea, and smoke shisha. Ramadan tents are traditionally a family or neighborhood affair in the Middle East,

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Lingtong Ramadan Tent bringing communities together to better understand each other. Our tent offer you an enjoyable oriental evening.

During a pandemic and the holiest of months, Ramadan, it can get quite challenging. But you don’t have to stress it. We’ve got some great recommendations for what you need to do to spend your time in Ramadan, and still have a fun and memorable experience. The day might be short in the morning, what with fasting and all, but it only gets better at night! Here we have a list of seven Ramadan tents where you can go to have iftar and sohour, and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Ramadan tent has so many items on their menu.

Clearspan Tent


Pagoda Tent,

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They have an iftar menu and a sohour menu. Our tent offer you an enjoyable oriental evening.

3D view for pagoda type Ramadan Tent

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