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We know tents - it's in our name. Big tents, small tents, one-day tents, semi-permanent tents. Whatever it is that you need in the tenting world, we've got a solution for you.


Can be as long as needed

Firm structure for

longer-term needs

Can be up to 60 meters wide

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Structure tents are extremely popular for large-scale events (and at a large variety of other applications) because they feature large unobstructed interior spaces that maximize event or application utility, as well as wide width options and near-endless modular lengths. They are engineered structures featuring great modular scalability, and feature an assembled extruded aluminium alloy framework that supports the fabric roof. This delivers a more robust construction that makes structure tents suitable for longer-term applications and larger events.


Structure tents are an ideal and flexible option for rapidly transforming a space into a completely enclosed temporary indoor venue, or for semi-permanent applications and year-round use. They feature higher wall and peak ridge height, which accommodates many event and exhibition applications. Structure tents can grow to fit virtually any footprint, and also come with traditional canopy and clear roofing options.

20x50mx5m 羊圈.jpg

These larger profile solutions expand by 5 meter bays, from widths of 12 meters up to 60 meters, and scale in 5 meter modular length to virtually endless length modules. Our smaller profile structure tents range in widths from 3m to 10m. These smaller profile structure tents scale in 3 meters modular length to virtually any length. All of our structures are engineered to withstand winds up to 60km/h to 100km/h.

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Structure tents are often configured with both enclosed and open walled spaces, providing greater opportunities for lounge seating, bars, entertainment, entranceways, and other venue amenities. Many clients find that configuring structure tents with porches or patio spaces allow for greater flexibility in use of their event tents. Their addition can provide opportunities to incorporate multiple distinctive décor elements, integrate additional signage and corporate branding, create more formal and casual seating areas, aid event operations or help cue attendees for meet and greets.

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