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What is a Tent Hall?

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characteristics of a storage hall

In the 21st century, a huge evolution has taken place, not only for digital goods, but also in the construction industry. Until recently, there was just one solution: brick halls, heavy, expensive to build and to modify. Although their building process has been considerably simplified, a long waiting time is still to be expected. Permanent facilities are also associated with planning permission and a labourious official procedure. Many entrepreneurs feel demoralized at the thought of a new construction.

To view how is Tent Hall looks:

However, there is a cheaper solution that is equally durable and mobile at the same time : industrial hall tents. The wide range of tent halls makes it easy to find the right one to suit your needs. This type of building does not require large expenses, and manufacturers design them in order to be modular.

Application of tent halls

Storage tentsare so effective for investors as they can be adapted to any function. They can be warehouses for goods and tools, garages for machines(boats, planes, cars), as well as workshops. Nothing prevents the structure from having several functions at once or a different application. Substantial area, optimal height and additional accessories enable the creation of a fully custom made tent. A hall can play a role in any type of business, as a main or supporting building. More importantly, tent halls are year-round constructions, so they perform at any time of the year. Safety storage is guaranteed by a corrosion-protected Aluminium Alloy frame.

Tent for Warehouse 30m x50m size:

Tent for Warehouse 30m x50m

Construction of a tent hall

The advantage of tent halls comes from their interconnected ready-made segments. Aluminium alloy elements are extruded aluminium alloy material, with anodizing treatment. Corrosion is nearly non existent with proper maintenance. Thanks to this, owners can use their tent hall for many years, despite bad weather outside and changing seasons.

Cover for a tent hall

Tent halls are covered by a PVC tarpaulin. In addition to the choice of colors available, tarpaulin also present various strength characteristics, as well as assembly methods. As far as Lingtong Tent are concerned, the cover is welded with Kelder, sliding into channels of Aluminium alloy frame, which assures 100% Waterproof function. This contributes to the stabilization of the entire structure and increase its resistance. After being stretched, the tarpaulin is fixed and easily withstand strong wind, snow.

view ON-SITE video of 1500sqm Warehouse Tent Hall

Modular tent hall

Warehouse halls are designed with a modular building system. For users, this means that they can modify the structure to meet their requirements. If a lack of space arises, for example to store goods, additional elements can be added to the already existing structure, extending it in width or length. This enables adjustement of tents to the specificity of customers’ business and needs.

Location for a tent hall

The area where the structure is to be built must be prepared in advance. Measure the distance for anchors, level the site, think about water drainage, power connection, etc. After dealing with the ground, assembly of the tent hall can take place. As the entire process is extremely simple, the tent hall will be ready to operate in no time. No assembly team is required, this can be achieved on your own. This solution generates considerable savings.

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