Take a look at how event tent has done a good job of heat insulation related measures
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Event tent is relatively common in our lives. This is an outdoor temporary engineering building that is often used in activities, such as banquets, exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions, company gatherings, celebrations, event promotions, etc. Apply to Event tent. It is especially convenient for temporary installation and disassembly, and perfects the way the theme activities are held.

The interior space design is large, and the activity space is also large. So it is a good choice for holding some large-scale events. However, in view of the hot summer weather, how can the event tent be held outdoors to do the relevant measures for heat insulation? Below, follow the editor to understand clearly that it is more convenient to install an air conditioner in an event tent.

However, for different themed activities and different asset levels, there will be differences in equipment. For example, when air conditioning is used, the electrical connection must be stopped. The electrical connection method uses air conditioning to blow air-conditioning to cool indoor cooling. These are the most cumbersome methods. First of all, it can be used in different tarpaulins.

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For example, a tarp with a heat-absorbing effect is powerful, and it can absorb heat and maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. However, the advantage of using this method to absorb heat is that the cost is relatively low, and the heat absorption may be It is a little worse than the air conditioner, because the highest temperature in summer is about 40 degrees.

Therefore, this method can be discontinued, but it is not recommended to continue to use it under ordinary conditions. Insulation cotton insulation cotton has a similar meaning to heat-absorbing cotton. It can be attached to the surface of the tarp and can exceed a certain amount of heat insulation. The heat preservation effect reduces the temperature in the awning.

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