Have you tried playing in a basketball court tent?
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Today, we are going to introduce you to a new basketball court design, which could be reasonably plannedbased on the size of the existing outdoor basketball court. By adding covers to the existing basketball court, it is possible to customize it into an indoor basketball court. It allows you to enjoy sports under any weather condition, and even 24 hours a day without fear of strong wind, heavy rain, and the blazing sun.

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Building an indoor basketball arena costs a lot of money in terms of labor, materials, and design. Our basketball court tent uses prefabricated aluminum alloy frame and PVC fabric and can be built directly on the existing basketball court. The construction process reduces labor costs, and does not produce any construction waste, which can be recycled and reused, which is more in line with the concept of environmentally friendly construction. You can quickly set up anywhere, ensuring safe racing in all weather conditions.

Our basketball tents are designed with long-span structures and built-in internal support columns to provide a spacious, unrestricted space for basketball games. Basketball court cloth has the characteristics of heat insulation, flame retardant, and protection, ensuring that people's temperature can be maintained inside the venue, and the entire sunshade structure can last up to 15 years.

Our tents are designed to withstand the extremes of weather and can withstand wind loads up to 120 km/h (75 mph). The frame is made of high-grade accumulation and corrosion-resistant precision steel, ensuring structural stability and long-term durability. The covering material is white fluorescent translucent or opaque PVC, which is both beautiful and practical, with excellent weather resistance and safety.

In order to meet different site sizes and customer needs, we provide a variety of series of diving equipment. We can provide solutions from small training spaces to large competition venues. Understanding that each customer's needs are unique, we offer comprehensive customization services, including personalized adjustments to size, color, logo printing, and even structural design to ensure each indoor basketball court sports a perfect fit for the customer's specific needs.

The entire structure is a modular aluminum alloy tent design. The structure is very regular, interchangeable, and can be installed in a short time. After the indoor basketball game is over, it can be completely disassembled and moved to other places.

A covered basketball court can be built in less than 36 hours. Almost all the components of the entire basketball canopy are prefabricated in the factory in advance and then transported to the site as quickly as building blocks, saving time.

Our tents feature the latest technical materials and designs, ensuring safety and comfort in any weather condition. Whether it's the hot summer sun, a sudden rainstorm, or a violent storm, our tents can provide the necessary protection for athletes and spectators, ensuring that games and training can go smoothly in any season.

Compared to building and maintaining a traditional indoor basketball court, our tents offer a lower initial investment and significantly lower long-term costs due to their high durability and low maintenance requirements.

Designs often allow for ease of installation and removal, allowing interior spaces to be quickly transformed according to the needs of different activities.

Compared with traditional large-scale indoor stadiums, the basketball court park we designed is likely to become a trend in the future. We already have successfully installed multiple basketball court parks all over the world. Our team of experienced masters are ready to turn your stadium vision into reality, providing a harmonious backdrop for athleticism to shine. With every project, we aspire to not only meet but exceed expectations, ushering in a new era of sports venue solutions.

If you have any questions about building an indoor basketball court, please feel free to contact us and we will tailor a solution for you.

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